We genuinely believe there is a real benefit to Sellers, Buyers, Property Owners and Real Estate Professionals in having a layout plan rendering of their property.

One of the key elements of a property that can make or break a sale is the way the rooms are arranged and how the layout could work for a would-be buyer's purposes. A layout plan shows the entire layout, not just part of it. In other words, a layout plan reveals what photographs often do not – the proportions of rooms, the number of rooms, and the traffic flow throughout.

For a home, a buyer can instantly see, for instance, if the kitchen is conveniently situated near the dining room, whether bedrooms open directly onto the living room, whether a trip to the bathroom will involve a meandering walk through other rooms, where entries, patios, decks are situated, parking accommodations, and so on. And, there is also the question of whether the existing design is flexible for the changing needs of their family into the future. It is typically one of the topics most discussed by buyers in considering their purchase of a home.

For marketing, it is argued that it's a numbers game and the more showings you have, the better. But, in reality, it is more about quality than quantity of showings at sale time. A floor plan will clearly display room flow, which helps buyers understand the way a specific layout could work for them. If the plan isn't what they're looking for, they move on; thereby leaving those more interested to viewing property.

As a marketing tool, a good floor plan doesn't mislead. More so, it assists in a buyer's understanding of a property's layout and works in tandem with property photos. And, with a proportionately drawn plan, it can also help when calculating room and floor areas for home improvement projects.

For remodeling, renovating or redecorating, you will find obtaining quotes on flooring, wall and ceiling finishes, kitchen and bathrooms upgrades, room modifications, etc. can be easier and more accurate because configurations and dimensions are more easily determined, via your layout plan. Just jot down the required measurements on your plan and off you go!

Even if a room layout is not quite right, a floor plan will make it easier to see how the interior could be adapted. This is why a floor plan is a vital aid in selling, as well as in property planning. It allows buyers and owners to ponder over the layout of a home and imagine how it can accommodate them and adapt to their needs at present and in the planning of future modifications.

Layout plans also help sellers, buyers and owners in an appraisal function performed on their property. Shortens appraisal inspection and turn-around times, looks more professional in an appraisal report, and provides a better impression of the property when seeking financing. Also reduces or eliminates an appraiser's need to make follow-up calls for additional information about the property. Give a copy of your floor plan to an appraiser.

From a selling and buying standpoint, it seems that buyers are more drawn to homes marketed with a floor plan. It helps complete the information they want or need about a prospective property.

From many aspects, having a floor plan is a great marketing tool. Include a floor plan!