Living Area (GLA) Sketch
GLA Sketch
  • Important for determining building/living area of property.
  • Area calculations are based on actual structural measures.
  • Verifies accuracy of Assessor's reported living area.
  • Confirms structure size for concerned parties.
  • Heads off major size discrepancy, when seeking financing.

GLA Sketch w/ Room Location
GLA Sketch w/ Room Location
  • Enhanced version of Living Area Sketch.
  • Includes basic room location detail.
  • Economy version of Room Layout Floor Plan.

Room Layout Plan
Room Layout Plan
  • Great marketing tool for listings!
  • Visually illustrates room type, room layout, and design flow.
  • Buyers have a better understanding of property functionality.
  • Buyers envision existing design flexibility for future needs.
  • Assists in home improvement and renovation projects.
  • Assists in expediting appraisal process for financing.
  • Great asset for marketing package and homeowner planning.
  • Adds that extra level of professional due diligence.

Room Layout Plan w/ Site Detail
Room Layout Plan w/ Site Detail
  • In addition to the room layout floor plan, exterior features such as the pool, spa, outdoor barbecue, tennis court and various landscape features are included.

  • The added site detail to a room layout plan enhances the detail of the property and helps illustrate congenial flow of an interior design with its exterior surroundings.